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Hidrogenated water

Everything you need to know
about Hydron and hydrogenated water.

Which are the beneficial effects from drinking hydrogen-rich water?

It acts as an antioxidant by counteracting the effects from free radicals.

How much water should we drink every day?

Healthy people should drink within 1 and 3 litres per day. It is recommended to drink it on an empty stomach and between meals.

Is it suitable for cooking?

It can be used without any problem, but when heated it quickly loses the hydrogen and all its antioxidant effects, therefore it makes no sense.

Can we take hydrogen in excess?

Hydrogen evaporates over time and is expelled through the airway.

Can I use Hydron to hydrogenate any water?

No, it must be of a very low mineralisation or come from a reverse osmosis.

Can I use Hydron to hydrogenate milk, juices or other liquids?

No, the equipment would break down.

Can I hydrogenate cold water?

Yes, it actually improves hydrogen solubility.

Can I store hydrogenated water in the fridge?

Yes, inside a stainless steel thermos flask, by filling all the available volume and without leaving any air chamber inside. Do not use any other type of containers, since hydrogen would get lost.

Does hydrogenated water taste different?

No, the taste and the odour remain the same.

Is Hydron a water purifier?

No, therefore we must use water suitable for human consumption with a very low mineralisation.

How long does it take for hydrogen to evaporate from hydrogenated water?

Within 1 and 2 hours in an open container. If stored in the fridge, inside a stainless thermos flask without any air chamber, it will last for several days.

Is there any contraindication to its consumption?

There is no contraindication to the consumption of hydrogenated water.

Can hydrogen replace other antioxidants?

It is recommended to supplement the antioxidant effects of hydrogen with a balanced Mediterranean diet.

Is hydrogen safe?

It is considered a food additive in the EU and it has been approved by the FDA. Our organism produces hydrogen from fibre in the intestine and, since 1945, it has been used in high concentrations without any problems for professional diving.

When were its benefits discovered for the first time?

Some records from 1798 have proofed its anti-inflammatory effects.