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Hydron advantages

Hydron helps to prevent illnesses and avoid premature ageing.

Hydrogen is the lightest and smallest element that exists, penetrating areas other antioxidants can’t, such as in neurons and cell nuclei.

A very powerful antioxidant that helps to eliminate free radicals, reducing oxidising stress, as well as providing a safe and easy drinking water source.

Oxidising stress is a factor related with certain diseases as well as premature ageing.

As we age we need more antioxidants as our body generates less antioxidant enzymes.

Learn about all of Hydron’s benefits

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  • Compact and very small.
  • Continuous, instant and
    unlimited supply.
  • No ozone
    or other oxidants.
  • High quality and long lasting
    without corrosion or scaling.
  • Two types: bottled water or tap water.
  • Beautiful device
    and tap design.

Learn about the benefits hydrogen has for you.

Hydron will help you to maintain an ideal level of oxidation to enjoy fine health without any side-effects.

When breathing the oxygen that our metabolism needs, life’s waste products (free radicals) are being produced.

2% of the oxygen that enters our organism is turned into harmful oxygen that produces oxidisation, the so-called "free radicals". This harmful oxygen can be turned into beneficial oxygen if we provide it with an antioxidant electrical charge.

If we don’t provide it through antioxidants, it steals it from our cells, either harming or killing them, a process we know as "oxidisation", added to the industrialised lifestyle that increases oxidisation levels due to poor diets, contamination, stress etc.